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“I come to NDUEC for help with my homework.  I also enjoy our math club and art lessons.  It’s fun to be here. I like the snacks and drinks.”

Adult Volunteer

“Volunteering at NDUEC has given me life and purpose.  I come here for the kids.  I know I make a difference in those I tutor.”

Terry ChittumTerry Chittum

I like volunteering at Notre Dame Urban Education Center because I enjoy helping others. Making a difference in the lives of children gives me an awesome feeling of purpose!

pencils & pens
white board markers/erasers
colored pencils
acrylic paints
paint brushes
Mod Podge spray
glue sticks
Elmer’s glue 
craft kits
jump ropes
outside chalk
reams of white paper
scissors for children
1/2″ binders
2 world globes
kid garden gloves
kid garden spades
kid garden watering cans
plastic bird bath
bird feeders & houses

164 Children
59  Parents/Guardians
191  Volunteers
6599 Volunteer Hours