“My tutor helps me with my homework. She pays attention to me.  I think I make her happy.”

Adult Volunteer
“Volunteering at NDUEC has given me life and purpose.  I come here for the kids.  I know I make a difference in those I tutor.”


Terry ChittumTerry Chittum

I like volunteering at Notre Dame Urban Education Center because I enjoy helping others. Making a difference in the lives of children gives me an awesome feeling of purpose!


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2021 – 2022
81 Children
16  Parents/Guardians
127+  Volunteers
3579 Volunteer Hours

Celebrating What's New

NDUEC exists to provide transformative educational experiences that impact individual wellbeing. As we work toward fulfilling our mission, we find ourselves celebrating many new successes.

Making the safety and security of our students and staff a top priority, this spring, we completed our outdoor security project. By installing a high-quality perimeter fence around our facility, coupled with security cameras and LED floodlighting, we have increased neighborhood security, reduced property theft and damage, and improved the overall aesthetic quality of our premises.

We are also happy to announce that we are transforming our parking lot into a fun space where students and their mentors have access to outdoor activities. Our newly installed basketball hoop has become an instant favorite. As a result, students learn teamwork, good sportsmanship, and the importance of following rules. Furthermore, we have discovered that children respond quicker and with greater accuracy to various cognitive tasks after participating in a physical activity session. When physical movement is used as a break from academic learning time, post engagement effects include better attention, increased on-task behaviors, and improved academic performance. It’s a win-win!

Program Director Maria Schappert is a gifted gardener who uses her green thumb to convert our outdoor flower beds into a lively and colorful STEM Garden. This environmental project serves as an avenue toward enhancing eco-literacy, where students learn about food security, nutrition, and sustainability. In addition, we feature quarterly StoryWalks®, where students can enjoy learning about animal and plant life cycles, practice reading in natural settings, and discover their own ability to create a spectacular urban garden. Our garden is planted and nurtured by children and supported by a village of partners working together.

As we celebrate what we’ve accomplished, we look forward to raising the bar. Thanks to a generous gift from a local family foundation, we purchased a 12-passenger Ford Transit van. Soon we will provide transportation for students who need it most, which will thrust our mission forward. While the van is still in production, we plan to have it blessed by Bishop Iffert this fall. We are excited about the future and have much work ahead of us.

Please join us in celebrating what’s new at our first annual Cheers to a New School Year event from 5:00 PM – 7:30 PM on Thursday, September 22, 2022, at the center. Your attendance at our open-house-inspired gathering will fuel our drive for growth.

To learn more about NDUEC, volunteer, or support our mission, visit or email Sister Maria Therese, Executive Director, at