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Volunteer Opportunities at the Notre Dame Urban Education Center

Instructional Tutor

Volunteer tutors are the essential key to the success of the Notre Dame Urban Education Center's program. Assisting the children with their homework or working with them to improve their reading or math skills gives the children the ability to be successful in school. The tutoring may done in one-on-one or in small group sessions. As consistency is a key to success, we ask that volunteers who are interested in tutoring commit to remain with the Center for one full semester. 

Arts & Crafts Helper

Volunteers create, design, organize and implement the arts and crafts program at the Center. This includes instructing and assisting the children with their art activities, which could be making a pillow or small rug, creating a paper mache globe, or a formal lesson on lines and shapes. 

Group Projects

We encourage and welcome corporate, school or community groups to the Center. There are a variety of projects that would be well suited for a volunteer group to assist with such as painting, landscaping, organizing and hosting activities for the children. We are also open to other ideas from the  group. If you are interested, please contact the Executive Director, Sister Reinetter Kroeger, SND, at 859-261-4487 or fill out the form below.

Cultural Enrichment Programs

Cultural enrichment programs (including, but not limited to, performing arts, theater, foreign language, dance and music) are offered when volunteers express interest in working with NDUEC staff to develop these “special” programs. Volunteers are invited to engage and direct students in creative plays, teach a variety of dance styles introduce beginning foreign language words or phrases, or offer group and/or private music lessons.

​If you are interested in working with our staff to develop a cultural enrichment program please contact Mary Gray, Volunteer Coordinator, at 859.261.4487.