Family Support

In keeping with the broader vision to strengthen families, the Family Support program at NDUEC was launched in February 2013. The goal of this program is to provide support, life-skills training on a variety of topics, and coaching on how parents can more effectively support the academic success of their children. Improved family functioning and positive involvement with their children lead to better childhood outcomes.

NDUEC has four Family Support nights during the school year. This program provides a hot meal for our families and hosts speakers on various topics of interest.  The evening is filled with camaraderie and support.

Support Sessions

  • Work Ethic in Your Education Endeavor
  • Nutritious and Budget Friendly Meal Planning
  • How to Provide Homework Assistance
  • ​Affordable Activities for the Holidays
  • How to Prepare Your Taxes
  • A Positive Approach to Discipline
  • Staying Healthy and First Aid