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Contact us:  859-261-4487

Executive Director 

 Sr. Mary Reinette Kroeger, SND


Board of Directors

      Mr. Richard Tapke - Chair
      Mr. Neil Blunt
      Sr. Jean Marie Hoffman, SND
      Mr. Richard Hulefeld
      Mr. Roger Keller
      Dr. Laura Koehl
      Ms Ellen Mayleben
      Mr. Paul Miller
      Mr. Michael Sketch
 Volunteer Coordinator   
     Mary E.Gray
Sponsored by the
      Sisters of Notre Dame


Mission Statement

      The Notre Dame Urban Education Center exists to offer  transformative educational programs to individuals and families, providing support, restoring hope, and promoting a fully human life for all.


Core Values

   EXCELLENCE      because we believe educating for life assists each person to achieve
       his/her human potential.
 RESPECT    because we believe each person is made in the image of God.
 MUTUALITY   because we believe in listening to those served regarding their needs.
  COLLABORATION    because we believe that together we will make more of a difference
     than acting alone.


Services Provided  
Children's Programs
(building self-esteem and confidence) 
- Instructional Tutoring (one on one)
- Creative Play
- Fine Arts Enrichment
- Physical Education




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